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홈> Awards > Jaenam Essay Awards

Jaenam Awards

Papers published in the Journal of English Language & Literature (JELL) are eligible for consideration, and the Jaenam Publication Award is given to outstanding research papers published in JELL.

12th Awards (2003)

Taekyeong Kang (Ewha Womans University) "Who's Afraid of Madame Butterfly?: The Broadway Reception of M. Butterfly"

Awards: January 24, 2003, Onyang Hot Spring Hotel

11th Awards (2002)

Min-Jung Kim (Ewha Womans University)
"Expanding the Parameters of Literary Studies: Toni Morrison's Paradise"

Awards: January 31, 2002, Onyang Hot Spring Hotel

10th Awards (2001)

Myungsook Kim (Hongik University)
"Bridging the Gap between English Spelling and Pronounciation: A Historical Perspective"
Kun Jong Lee (Korea University)
"Contextualizing "Benito Cereno" in the Melville Canon"

Awards: February 2, 2001, The-K Hotel Gyeongju

9th Awards (2000)

Ji Young Kim (Catholic University of Pusan)
"The Turn of the Screw as Allegory of Interpretation"
Hoonsung Hwang (Dongguk University)
"The Politics of Metadrama"

Awards: January 28, 2000, Kumho Resort-Hwasun

8th Awards (1999)

Jae-Hwan Kim (Hallym University)
"M/W: A Deconstructive Reading of The Wife of Bath"

Awards: May 28, 1999, Sangji University

7th Awards (1998)

Boo Eung Koh (Chung-Ang University)
"Colonial Resistance in Conrad's Lord Jim"
An Nah Moon (Inha University)
"An Optimality-Theoretic Analysis of Old English Stress"

Awards: May 23, 1998, Chonnam University

6th Awards (1997)

Young Hee Kim (KAIST)
"Beyond Dualism: The Cases of Leavis and Eagleton"
Jongho Jun (Yeungnam University)
"Gradient Assimilation"

Awards: May 17, 1997, Kookmin University

5th Awards (1996)

Bong Eun Kim (Kosin University)
"Rhetorical Wrestle with Racism: Uncle Tom's Cabin and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
Gwanghyun Shynne (Seoul National University)
"The Allegory of the Retraction and the Retraction of Allegory"
Heisoon Yang (Ewha Womans University)
"Syntax and Semantics of Too: a Functional Approach"

Awards: May 18, 1996, Kyung Hee University

4th Awards (1995)

Jong-hwan Kim (Kiemyung University)
"The Civilized and the Uncivilized in The Tempest"
Taejin Kim (Hanseo University)
"Alliteration in Beowulf: A Interpretation from a Pragmatic Respective"

Awards: May 20, 1995, Hongik University

3rd Awards (1994)
Hyoung-youb Kim (Korea University)
"Reanalysis on English Clitics: Based on the Syntactic Information"
Jongsook Lee (Seoul National University)
"'Enter the King with his poore Souldiers': the King and the People in the Quarto and Folio Texts of Henry V"

Awards: May 28, 1994, Catholic University

2nd Awards (1993)
Kee-Ho Kim (Korea University)
"The Theory of Markedness and Phonological Change"
Chan Bu Park (Kyungpook National University)
"Psychoanalysis and the Question of the Text"

Awards: May, 22, 1993, Ewha Womans University

1st Awards (1992)
Hongsang Yeo (Korea University)
"The Historical Dialogism in Browning's Dramatic Monologues"
Kyong-do Choi (Yeungnam University)
"The Theory of Fiction in Henry James"

Awards: May 23, 1992, Seoul National University