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홈> Awards > ELLAK Book Awards


9th (2019)

Seokwon Yang(Yonsei University)
『욕망의 윤리: 라캉 정신분석과 예술, 정치, 철학』 (한길사, 2018)

*Awards: December 17th, 2019, Daejeon Convention Center, Grand Ballroom

8th (2018)

Eun Kyung Min(Seoul National University)
China and the Writing of English Literary Modernity, 1690-1770 (Cambridge UP, 2018)

*Awards: December 14, 2018, Sookmyung Women’s University, Centennial Hall

7th (2017)

Eunchull Wang (Chonbuk National University)
The Politics of the Other and Literature (Chonbuk UP, 2017)

*Awards: December 14, 2017, Seoul National University, Hoam Faculty House

6th (2016)

Kyu Hyung Cho (Korea University) A Fox in the Age of the Hedgehog (Sanzini, 2016)

*Awards: December 14, 2016, Daejeon Convention Center

5th (2015)

Not Selected

4th (2014)

Myungho Lee (Kyung Hee University)
"Who is Afraid of Antigone: Cultural Politics of Gender" (Munhakdongne Publishing Group, April 2014)

*Awards: November 21, 2014, Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Hall

3rd (2013)

Not Selected

*Awards: November 18, 2011, Onyang Hot Spring Hotel

2nd (2012)

Seongho Yoon (Hanyang University)
Writing as an Underdog: A Geography of Asian American Literature (Seoul National University Press, July 2012)

*Awards: December 13, 2012, Busan BEXCO Convention Hall

1st (2011)

Suk Koo Rhee (Yonsei University)
Between Empire and Nation State (Hangilsa Corp., June 2011)

*Awards: November 18, 2011, Onyang Hot Spring Hotel