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홈> Awards > Woobo Awards


9th Awards (2014.11.21.)
Youngjin Chung (Ewha Womans University)

"How strong imagination works!": Dumb shows, Ghosts and the Early Modern Inquiry into Spectatorship"

8th Awards (2013. 11. 8)
Hyonjin Kim (Seoul National University)

"Gigantism and Its Discontents: Chivalric Anxiety in Malory's Morte Darthur"

7th Awards (2012.12.13)
Sungbum Lee (Sangmyung University)

"William Blake and the Network of Knowledge: Centering on the Communication of Poetry and Science"

6th Awards (2011.11.18)
Mikyung Park (Kyounggi University)

"Wodsworth's Re-Formation of Individuality: "Spots of Time," the Fragment and the Autobiography"

Ponhyung Lee (Daejeon University)

"Liquid Vocalization in the Dialectical Varieties of English"

5th Awards (2010.12.3)
Jitae Son (Sungkonghoe University)

"Benjaminian Ruskin: Redemptive Myth and ModernityP

Son-Moo Ryu (Ajou University)

"Shelley's Politics of Discourse"

4th Awards (2009.11.20)
Seonju Pak (Inha University)

"'English Only' Policy and American Multiculturalisms: A Critical Perspective on Monolingualism, Multilingualism, and Translingualism of the Multicultural Society"

Sang-Chol Ahn (Kyung Hee University)

"Schwa Insertion in English"

3rd Awards (2008.11.21)
Sang-Wook Kim (Kyung Hee University)

"Shelley's Grankenstein and Rousseau's Essays on the Origin of Languages

Eun-Joo Kwak (Sejong University)

"Maximal and Non-maximal Distributivity"

2nd Awards (2007.11.16)
Sunjeong Cho (Seoul National University)

"Education of Heroine: A Reading of Jane Austen's 'Mansfield Park'"

1st Awards (2006.6.22)
Doo-Ho Shin (Kangwon National University)

"Problems with Ecocritical Reading on Canonical Fiction"