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홈> Committees > Ethics of Research Committees

Ethics of Research

English Language and Literature encompasses diverse disciplines including English Linguistics, Anglo-American Literature, English Language Teaching, English Translation and Interpretation, and Anglo-American Cultural Studies, where creativity is a crucial element for researchers. Given that researchers in these disciplines are also required to adhere to high ethical standards of research that focus on morality and self-discipline during the research process, the Ethics of Research Committee has been established.

1st Organizers (2009.1-2010.12)

Chair : Kwang-Sook Chung, Sookmyung Women's University
Members : Byung Choon Lee, Inha University

Seung-Bok Yi, Soongsil University
Wonjoo Lee, Korea National Open University
Si-Ki Chang, Dongguk University

2nd Organizers (2011.1-2012.1)

Chair : Dauk-Shun Hong, Sungkyunkwan University
Members : In-Chan Park, Sookmyung Women's University

Minsuk Oh, Dankook University
Byung Choon Lee, Inha University
Moonyoun Chung, Kyemyung University
Byung Eun Cho, Sungkonghoe University

3rd Organizers (2012.2-2013.1)

Chair : Hoonsung Hwang, Dongguk University
Members : Bong-Eun Kim, Kosin University

Jonggab Kim, Konkuk University
Ae-ri Cho, KAIST
Hyuk-Kyu Joo,Gyeongsang National University
Youngshik Hwangbo, Sungkyul University

4th Organizers (2013.2-2014.1)

Chair : Jin-Hyung Kim, Korea University of Technology and Education
Members : Seung Hee Roh, Chonnam National University

Myung Joo Kim, Chungnam National University
Eunjoo Han, Seoul Women's University
Eun Taek Hong, Daejin University

5th Organizers (2014.2-2015.1)

Chair: Jonggab Kim, Konkuk University
Members: Byungeon Chung, Pusan National University

Yongsoo Kim, Hallym University
Myungho Lee, Kyung Hee University
Jinim Park, Pyeongtaek University

6th Organizers (2015.2-2016.1)

Chair: In-Chan Park, Sookmyung Women's University
Members: Inhan Jeon, University of Seoul

Tai-Won Kim, Sogang University
Hyun Pae, Mokpo National University
Kyunghoon Yoo, Sookmyung Women's University