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홈> About the ELLAK > Welcome Message

ELLAK Welcome Message

President’s Welcome Message

38대 회장

I am Professor Jong-Seong Park, English Department, Chungnam National University. I am very pleased to assume the duties and responsibility of the presidency of this prestigious academic association.

ELLAK is a flagship in the field of the liberal education and the Humanities in Korea. We can never underestimate the role played and the impact made by ELLAK over the past 64 years in the process of building our nation. ELLAK has served as a main gateway through which Western classics, literary theories, and knowledge flew in, widespread across the country, and provided an intellectual nourishment to the public.

This year marks its 65 anniversary of ELLAK. I will take ELLAK into the next stage, not only generating knowledge and insights but also stimulating debates and discourses. To achieve this goal, ELLAK will, above all, collaborate with other English-related academic societies. I will endeavor to make every member’s voice be heard and respected to rebuild the close links. I am sure that ELLAK will be a forum for the many not the few. Also, I will continue to strengthen cultural and global links.

I will also adopt interdisciplinary approaches to English studies. Considering the changing environment of the Humanities disciplines, we need a kind of convergence model of the liberal education in the Humanities. ELLAK will continue to provide the effective and compelling model of a transdisciplinary study of the Humanities. ELLAK will be deeply committed to implementing a new ethics of inclusiveness and embracing a new spirit of multiculturalism. Thank you so much.

President of ELLAK
Professor Jong-Seong Park