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ELLAK Welcome Message

President’s Welcome Message

39대 회장


I would like to greet all the ELLAK members as I begin my duty as the 39th president in 2020.

First of all, I would like to thank the ELLAK members for giving the executive officers and me a chance to serve the society.

Since its establishment, ELLAK has been the most recognized English-related academic society. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the former presidents, who have dedicated their lives to the society at the forefront, and to my predecessor, Professor Jong-Seong Park and the executive officers from 2019 who have successfully carried out various academic events under new changes.

Since the foundation in 1954, ELLAK may have been the only academic association related to English for quite some time, but there are about 60 societies that are directly or indirectly related to English. The active progress of various academic societies in various fields may be understood as evidence of the academic development of English language and English literature. On the other hand, the increasingly serious changes and crises prove the greater need to explore and consider the centripetal direction of English language and English literature as a whole, despite the centrifugal orientation of each society.

Through the hard work of several presidents from ELLAK and other societies, a council of academic organizations related to English has been formed to share the common position of English based on communication among the academic societies for the last few years. There may be differences in positions at different academic societies, but we will try to cooperate effectively by finding common ground based together.

While strengthening cooperation with other academic societies through the council, we will make more efforts to ensure that the annual international academic conference involving a number of related societies is firmly established as the MLA of Korea, which is truly created together with a common sense of problem. At this year's ELLAK International Conference, under the theme "The Age of AI and Machine Translation: What Can Language, Literature, and Education Do?", we would like to explore with our members the impact of the new horizons, which has been opened up by artificial intelligence and machine translation, on English language and English literature and how to respond to it.

In addition to the international conference, we will carefully check and implement the various academic events including the graduate student seminar, civic lectures, selection of excellent essays and authors, and support the publication of The Journal of English Language and Literature (JELL), one of the three most excellent KCI journals selected by the National Research Foundation of Korea.

I feel a heavy responsibility for starting my duty for a high-profile academic association. I will try my best to collect wisdom on how to cope with the difficulties inflicted on English language and English literature by listening to the precious voices of each and every member of the association, so as not to fade all the precious efforts of those members who have developed our association so far.

I wish you the year 2020 a year of meaningful achievement in education and research. Thank you!

February 1, 2020
Gyu Han Kang
The 39th President of the English Language and Literature Association of Korea