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Invited Speakers:

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Plenary Speakers
-Thomas Corns (Bangor U, UK)
"The Periphery Writes Back: on the Centering of Early-modern Literary Culture and Its Opponents"
-Thadious Davis (U of Pennsylvania, USA)
"Chaining Black Space: Reading Spatial Practice"
-Shelley Streeby (U of California, San Diego, USA)
"Alternate World-Building in Science Fiction and Fantasy: Race, Space, and Imagining Otherwise"
-Robert T. Tally Jr. (Texas State U, USA)
"Spatiality's Mirror: Reflections on Literary Cartography"

Invited Speakers
-Aimee Bahng (Dartmouth College, USA)
"Transpacific Speculations"
-Guy Beauregard (National Taiwan U, Taiwan)
"Poetics of Precarity: Reading Across the Pacific"
-Oscar Campomanes (Ateneo de Manila U, Philippines)
"The Island-Forms and Floating Islands of American Empire"
-Maud Ellmann (U of Chicago, USA)
"On Not Being Able to Paint: Marion Milner, Virginia Woolf, and the Psychoanalysis of Space"
-Yogita Goyal (UCLA, USA)
"Slavery and Its Transnational Afterlives"
-Jodi Kim (U of California, Riverside, USA)
"Militarized Pivots: The Asia-Pacific and the Spatialities of Empire"
-Klaudia Lee (City U of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
"Contested Space: The Everyday and the Colonial Imagination"
-Curtis Marez (U of California, San Diego, USA)
"Technological Spaces: Agribusiness and Farm Worker Futurisms"
-Scott L. Morgensen (Queen’s U, Canada)
"Placing Erasure: White Settler Post-Slave Fictions of Lake Ontario's Northern Shore"
-Biwu Shang (Shanghai Jiao Tong U, China)
"The Maze of Shanghai Memory: Kazuo Ishiguro's When We Were Orphans"
-Karen Tongson (U of Southern California, USA)
"Queer Conviviality from the Suburbs to the Noraebang"
-Andy Chih-ming Wang (Academia Sinica, Institute of European and American Studies, Taiwan)
"Transpacific Asymmetries: The Parallel Universes in Ruth Ozeki's A Tale for the Time Being"
-John Wilkinson (U of Chicago, USA)
"The Worked Surface: Abstraction from Landscape in Mid-Century British Poetry and Painting"
-Sunny Xiang (Yale U, USA)
"Chindian Literature and its Peripheral Spaces"