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Invited Speakers:

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Plenary Speakers
-Sue-Ellen Case (UCLA, USA)
"Trans and National Genders: How codes of Masculinity and Femininity Travel"
-Pheng Cheah (UC Berkeley, USA)
"A Missed Encounter: World Literature and Cosmopolitanism"
-Susan Stanford Friedman (U of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
"Diasporic Cosmopolitanism, Religion, and Post/Secularism"
-Regenia Gagnier (U of Exeter, UK)
"The Global Circulation of Actants and Ideas: in the Niche of Nature, Culture, and Technology"
-Bruce Robbins (Columbia U, USA)
"Cosmopolitanism in Time"
-Rebecca L. Walkowitz (Rutgers U, USA)
"Cosmopolitanism in the Second Person"

Invited Speakers
-Cedric Boeckx (U of Barcelona, Spain)
"The New Biolinguistic Turn: Prospects and Problems for Linguists"
-Hsiu-chuan Lee (National Taiwan Normal U, Taiwan)
"Sharing Worlds through Words: Minor Cosmopolitics in Ruth Ozeki's A Tale for the Time Being"
-Lianggong Luo (Central China Normal U, China)
"A Cosmopolitan Utopia in Poetic Form: A Reading of Gwendolyn Brook's 'The Anniad'"
-Ioana Luca (Taiwan Normal U, Taiwan)
"Bosnian Migrations, Affective Memories: Aleksandar Hemon's The Book of My Lives"
-Roald Maliangkay Australian National U, Australia)
"Establishing Order: Photographic Snapshots by Korea's Early Visitors"
-Seiwoong Oh (Rider U, USA)
"Toward a Cross-cultural Literary Narratology"
-Peter Y. Paik (U of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
"Cosmopolitanism and the Therapeutic Dissolution of Historical Memory"
-Makarand R. Paranjape (Jawaharlal Nehru U, India)
"English Studies, East and West: Towards a New Paradigm"
-Alexandra Peat (Franklin University Switzerland, Switzerland)
"World Views from the World's Fair: The Exhibition as Contact Zone"-Monica Popescu (McGill U, Canada)
"Alternative Cosmopolitanisms: South African Writers and the Eastern Bloc"
-Tlhalo Sam Raditlhalo (U of South Africa, South Africa)
"The Pains of Exile within the South African Context of Apartheid"
-Daniel Roux (Stellenbosch U, South Africa)
"Forging the Cosmopolitan in South African Life Writing: the Case of Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom"
-Noel B. Salazar (U of Leuven, Belgium)
"Becoming cosmopolitan through travelling? Some anthropological reflections"