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Call for Papers

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2014 ELLAK International Conference
Traveling Contexts: Cosmopolitanisms Old & New, East & West
November 20-22, 2014, Seoul, Korea
The English Language and Literature Association of Korea

   The English Language and Literature Association of Korea (ELLAK) invites proposals for 20-minute papers for the 2014 international conference marking the 60th anniversary of its founding.

Cosmopolitanism has been at the center of much recent critical debate. Viewed at once with suspicion as premising the resurrection of a Eurocentric universalism, and yet also as harboring the possibility of a new ethics of inclusiveness, the re-configuration of a world order that precedes and supersedes modern notions of the nation-state and rootedness in culture and language has opened numerous new avenues of research. Diffusion of identity, language, and culture is the universal norm

By opening up the discussion of cosmopolitanism, we seek to re-imagine what it might mean to be more worldly citizens of the cosmos. Embracing the enlightenment ideals of universal equality and justice, but also carefully expanding that promise through negation and re-vision, we seek to provide an open forum for scholars from all over the world.

Proposals are invited for contributions that deal with any aspect of the topic of cosmopolitanism, including but not limited to the following:Circulation networks; citizenship; cohabitation; colonization; contact zones; communion; contamination; cultural mobility; cross-cultural exchange; diaspora; diffusion; diplomacy; displacement; East and West/North and South; emigration; exile; gift-exchange; hybridization; integral spirituality; local/universal; metissage; piracy; obligation; Old World(s)/New World(s); refugee; religion and conversion; self-preservation/self-transcendence; strangers; statelessness; trade; transculturation; translation; transnationalism.

Please submit 300-word proposals for 20-minute papers by 10 June 2014 to: 2014ellakconference@gmail.com