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Call for Papers

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The 2011 ELLAK International Conference
Cultural Studies and Its Discontents:
Reconsidering Cultural Studies for the Twenty-First Century

November 17-19, 2011
Onyang Hot Spring Hotel, Onyang, Korea

The English Language and Literature Association of Korea (ELLAK) invites papers for an international conference to be held in Onyang, Korea, November 17-19, 2011. The conference theme is "Cultural Studies and Its Discontents: Reconsidering Cultural Studies for the Twenty-First Century."

Half a century after the foundation of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies in Birmingham in 1961, the invasion of culture into the stronghold of literature is all but complete; we feel and breathe the power of "culture" all over in university curricula, general trends of literary scholarship, and theoretical discourses on the future of humanities. While this cultural turn has widened the parameters of literary studies, it has also contributed to the dismantling of the once sacred mystique of literature perse. The ELLAK opens a forum for re/assessing the legacies of cultural studies and discussing its future in the twenty-first century. How has cultural studies transformed and set new agenda for literary and linguistic studies? What contributions has cultural studies made, and what limitations/distortions has it created? How has cultural studies erased the boundaries between popular and "high" culture? How does cultural studies operate on a global stage and address questions of global citizenship and responsibility? Where can cultural studies go from here? Topics for consideration may include (but not limited to):

Cultural Studies and the Canon
Cultural Studies and Critical Theories
Cultural Studies in Global Contexts
Cultural Studies in Classroom
Cultural Materialism
Literature and Popular Culture
Literature and (New) Media
Culture and Diaspora
Culture and Hybridity
Culture and Public Space
Culture and Sociolinguistics

For general sessions, we welcome papers on all possible topics from all disciplines of English Studies, including British Literature, American Literature, Literatures in English, Comparative Literature, Critical Theories, Theater and/or Film Studies, Gender Studies, Translation Studies, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, and English as a Second Language. Proposals for panels are also welcome.

To apply for participation, email a brief proposal (250-500 words) and a brief biodata to the organizing committee at conference@ellak.or.kr by June 15, 2011. The authors of accepted proposals will be notified by July 15, 2011. Please visit the ELLAK website at http://www.ellak.or.kr for additional information and updates.