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Title ELLAK 60th Anniversary Special Session: "English Literary Studies and Contemporary Korean Humanities"
Writer admin Hit 344 Date 2015.05.28
Contents ELLAK 60th Anniversary Special Session

"English Literary Studies and Contemporary Korean Humanities:
Jongho Yu, Uchang Kim, Sangsup Lee, Jungil Doh"

*Date: November 20, 2014
*Venue: Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Hall

Chair: Keonjong Yoh (Sookmyung Women's University)

-Sungho Yoo (Hanyang University) A Literary Criticism as Humanistic Insight
and Subjective Reading: Jongho Yu and Korean Modern Literature

-Jongho Yu (Yonsei University) A Few Retrospective Remarks

-Kwanghun Moon (Chungbuk National University) Korean Humanities and
Uchang Kim

-Uchang Kim (Korea University) Connecting to English Studies: English
Literature and Its Horizon

-Kyungduk Lee (Yonsei University) Yorick, Basketball, and Yoon Dongju:
Sangsup Lee and the Uses of Literary Criticism

-Sangsup Lee (Yonsei University) Teaching English Literature 1962-2002

-Seungryul Lee (Yeungnam University) A Critical Intellectual and the Vision of
Humanities: Jungil Doh and Korean Cultural Theory

-Jungil Doh (Kyung Hee University) Humanistic Public Sphere and the Civic

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