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Title ELLAK 60th Anniversary Special Seminar" "Join Successful English Graduates"
Writer admin Hit 759 Date 2015.05.27
Contents ELLAK 60th Anniversary Special Seminar

*Date: October 28, 2014
*Venue: Seoul Museum of History, Seoul
*Topic: Join Successful English Graduates

ELLAK's Special Seminar aimed at providing information abour possibel career paths to undergraduates majoring in English and prospective Tnglish majors. Five speakers including a novelist, a new translator, a communication planner, a TV announcer, and a TV reporter presented their views on the relevance of their major field to their career.

Invited Speakers:

-Sihyeok Lee (SK communication planner)
"Take Nothing for Granted"

-Aeun Jeong (novelist)
"Literature, Long Way to Visit Me"

-Sejin Jung (KBS TV announcer)
"Diversity and Broadcasting of Humanities"

-Nayoung Jeong (new translator)
"Foreign Language Traslation Profession's World"

-Jongsu Kim (KBS reporter)
"Why again Storytelling: 14 Years to See the Future of Broadcast Journalists"

File 첨부파일 60th Anniversary Special Seminar-pamphlet.pdf (626315 Byte)
첨부파일 60th Anniversary Special Seminar-poster.pdf (596752 Byte)