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Title 6th Journal Workshop-2015
Writer admin Hit 419 Date 2016.03.24
Contents 6th Journal Workshop

*Date: November 27, 2015 (Friday) 15:00-18:00
*Venue: Korea Press Center
*Theme: 셰계화 시대 한국 영문학 학술지의 현재와 미래

Keynote Speakers:

Session 1:

-Prof. Minwoo Yoon, Yonsei University
"JELL: Present State and Future Directions"
-Prof. Byung Hyun Choi, Center for korean Classics Translation, Korea University
"English Literature in Korea in the Age of Globalizatiuon: Where Should It Be Heading?"
-Prof. Jihee Han, Gyeongsang National University
"Age of Globalization and the Role of a Regional English Scholar"

Session 2:

-Prof. Sooyoung Chon, Ewha Womans University
"Globalization and Localization"
-Prof. Yoonsoo Kim, Former President of Chonnam University
"EduBusi 시대 인문학의 재탐색"

Session 3: Roundtable Discussion
File 첨부파일 제6차편집인워크샵-11.25.pdf (1047997 Byte)