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Foreign Membership

Title 5th Journal Workshop-2015
Writer admin Hit 381 Date 2016.03.24
Contents 5th Workshop for the Glocal Journal Editors

*Date: June 19, 2015 (Friday) 13:30-18:30
*Venue: Dongguk University
*Theme: 학술지 논문의 국제화를 위한 질적 향상과 심사전략

Keynote Speakers:

Session 1: 국제 저명 학술지를 향한 게재 논문의 질적 향상 전략

-Prof. Wook-Dong Kim (UNIST)
"Strategies for Writing for A&HCI Listed Journals"
-Prof. Dan Disney, Sogang University
"Placing Work with AHCI and SCOPUS-indexed Journals: Strategies toward Optimizing Output +Placement"

Session 2: 국제 저명 학술지를 향한 심사 및 선정전략

-Prof. Jooseong Kim, Dankook University
"Strategic Reviewers Management for Advanced Journal and Articles"
-Prof. Kiho Song, Hannam University
"Strategic Journal Management to Overcome Locality"
-Prof. Hyeuk Kyu Joo, Gyeongsang National University
"Our Serious Job of Quoting Quotes"

Session 3: Roundtable Discussion
File 첨부파일 제5차워크샵-프로그램_6.12.pdf (3986080 Byte)
첨부파일 제5차워크샵-포스터_6.12.pdf (2242905 Byte)