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Foreign Membership

Title 3rd Journal Workshop-2013
Writer admin Hit 395 Date 2015.05.27
Contents 3rd Journal Workshop II:
Search for the Vision of 21th Century Korean-style Glocal Journal

Date: December 12, 2013 (Thursday) 13:30-18:00
Venue: Korea University International Hall
Theme: Enlisting of the Glocal Journals in the Field of the Humanities in A&HCI
and SCOPUS and the Role and Strategic Modus Operandi of Their
Editorial Committee

Keynote Speakers:

Session 1: The Standard for Being Listed in the A&HCI & SCOPUS and Editorial
Prof. Jong-Ho Shin, Seoul National University,
Editor, Asia Pacific Education Review
“The Format and Basic Elements of Papers To Be Listed in SCOPUS and SCI
and the Practical Case for the Improvement of the Quality of Papers
Yeri Yim, Director, Thomson Reuters IP & Science
“Standards, Guidelines, and Suggestions To Be Listed in A&HCI and
Boudewijn Walraven, Leiden University, Netherlands
Editor-in-Chief, Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies
“The Format and Basic Elements of the Papers To Be Listed in SCOPUS and
SCI and A Practical Case for Improving the Quality of the Papers”
Prof. Young-Oak Lee, Sungkyunkwan University,
Member, SCOPUS Korea Journal Selection Committee
“A Competitive Advantage for Korean Journals in English Language and

Session 2: Discussions on the Issue of Research Ethics for Preparing the
Manual in the Field of the Humanities
Prof. Won-sub Chung, Konkuk University
“Issues for Preparing Research Ethics Manual”
Min-ho Lee, Chief Researcher of the Academic Infrastructure Promotion Team,
“Guidelines and Directions for Research Ethics Manual”
Roundtable Discussion: How can a journal be listed in SCOPUS, SCI, and

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