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Foreign Membership

Title 2nd Journal Workshop-2013
Writer admin Hit 496 Date 2015.05.27
Contents 2nd Journal Workshop I: Search for the Vision of 21th Century Korean-style Glocal Journal

*Date: October 17, 2013 (Thursday) 14:00-18:00
*Venue: Dongguk University
*Theme: From Local to Glocal: How to Become a Glocal Journal?

Keynote Speakers:

Session 1: Vison of Glocal Journal

-Prof. Jung-gu Kim, Seoul National University; Chair, SCOPUS Korea Journal Selection Committee
Present and Future of KCI Journals and Glocal Journals

-Ae-Ran Yoon, Chief Researcher of the Academic Infrastructure Promotion
Team, NRF
Present and Future of KCI Journals

-Anders Karlsson, Vice President, Glocal Academic Relations, Elsevier
Vison of Glocal Journal

Session 2: Status of Glocal Journal

-Prof. Dong-Seob Jin, Seoul National Unviersity; Editor-in-Chief, Asia Pacific Education Review
Practical Know-How of How To Be Listed in SCOPUS

-Prof. Luo Lianggong, Central China Normal University, China; Associate Editor, Foreign Literature Studies
Qualification Sustainability, and Vision of Quality Journal as an A&HCI-Indexed Journal in the Humanities
File 첨부파일 2nd Journal Workshop-pamphlet-2013.pdf (473938 Byte)
첨부파일 2nd Journal Workshop-poster-2013.pdf (483200 Byte)