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Title 1st Journal Workshop-2012
Writer admin Hit 727 Date 2015.05.27
Contents 1st Journal Workshop

*Date: August 16, 2012 (Thursday)
*Venue: BEXCO Convention Hall, Busan
*Theme: Internationalization of the Academic Journals and Holding International Conference

Keynote Speakers:

-Prof. Young-Oak Lee, Sungkyunkwan University; 26th President of ELLAK
How Do We Like Korean Journals Now? For Reforming the Journals in the
Field of English Studies

-Prof. Kee-Ho Kim, Korea University; 18th President of the Linguistic Society of Korea
How to Develop English Language Studies and How to Achieve the Effective
Collaboration between Academic Societies in the Era of the Crisis of the

-Prof. Bong-Kwang Kim, Kyungnam College of Information & Technology;
27th President of The New Korean Association of English Language and Literature
Current Status and Vision of the Academic Conference and the Academic

-Prof. Keonjong Yoh, Sookmyung Women's University; 7th President of the Criticism and Theory Society of Korea
Studying Critical Theory in English Literature

-Prof. Youngmin Kim, Dongguk University; President of ELLAK
Current Status of the ELLAK and International Journal and International
Conference As the Translocal Open Field
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