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Title 7th Public Lecture Series-2014
Writer admin Hit 407 Date 2015.05.27
Contents 7th Public Lecture Series

*Date: September 23~October 28, 2014 (every Tuesday)
*Venue: Baeum Academy, Kyobo Bookstore, Seoul
*Topic: Literature and Music in American and English Culture

9/23 Hyungseob Lee (Hanyang University)
Western Classical Music and the Irish Literary Imagination

9/30 Hyun Dokgo (Pusan National Universtiy of Education)
African-American Music Poetry: Literary Embodiment of the Blues, Jazz, and Hip-hop

10/07 Kwang-Taik Han (Yonsei University)
How Hard Rock Meets British and American Popular Culture

10/14 Jae H. Roe (Sogang University)
Country Music and American Values

10/21 Chung-Ho Chung (Chung-Ang Universtiy)
The Eighteenth-Century English Literature and Baroque Mucis:
Dryden and Handel

10/28 Hong Won Suh (Yonsei University)
The Song that Fills the Heart Lyric Poetry and Music
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