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Title 1st Public Lecture Series-2011
Writer admin Hit 823 Date 2015.05.27
Contents 1st Public Lecture Series

*Date: September 7~November 9, 2011 (every Wednesday)
*Venue: Baeum Academy, Kyobo Bookstore, Seoul
*Topic: Ten Ways of Looking at America: American Culture and Ameican Mind

9/07 Woo-Sung Kang (Seoul National Uiversity)
God-created Fiction: Puritanism and "America"

9/14 Doo-Ho Shin (Kangwon National University)
Nature, American Identity and the Function of Literatue

9/21 Bong-Eun Kim (Kosin University)
The Adventures of Mark Twain: Children's Literature for Adults

9/28 Junyon Kim (Hongik University)
Thirteen Wayys of Looking at Race

10/5 Kyung-Sook Boo (Sogang University)
Korean American Literature Orchestrated by the American Spirit of
Walt Whitman

10/12 Taek-Gwang Lee (Kyung Hee University)
"Anybody Can Drink Coca-Cola": Andy Warhol and Pop Art

10/19 Youngjeen Choe (Chung-Ang University)
The Two Sides to the Discourses of the Super-hero in "Dark Night"

10/26 Jae H. Roe (Sogang University)
History of American Popular Music

11/02 Hyungji Park (Yonsei University)
Forbidden Desire in Twlight Series

11/09 Sangjun Jeong (Seoul National University)
America, How to Look at It
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