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convention 2018 ELLAK International Conference

“Encounters with the Posthuman: Materiality, Vitality, Narrativity”

Date: December 13-15, 2018
Venue: Centennial Hall, Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul, Korea

•Keynote Speakers:

- N. Katherine Hayles, Duke University, USA
- Timothy Morton, Rice University, USA
- Wendy Chun, Simon Fraser University, Canada

•Invited Speakers:

- Tom Cohen, SUNY-Albany, USA
- Chris Thouny, Kyushu University, Japan
- Mike Figgis, National Film and Television School, UK
- Jonggab Kim, Konkuk University, Korea

call for papers
  The past several decades have witnessed 
renewed interest in space/spatiality―concept
ualizations of space as both produced and 
producing, abstract and concrete, static and 
dynamic, material and discursive. From physical
setting (place, region, environment, locale, 
landscape) to socioeconomic and political geo
graphies (slavery, occupation, colonialism, 
imperialism, globalization, militarism, tourism), 
to lived experiences and identity categories 
(private, public, gender, race, religion, sexuality, class), space as an organization of society embodies the overlapping, relational networks of human societies, thereby manifesting the "spatial turn" in literary and cultural studies and critical theory.
  The increasing mobility of people and cultures destabilizes the connection between geographic space and cultural identity. The pervasive influence of technology (such as robotics and computer networks) reorients our very definitions of physical space and the environment that we inhabit. The time has come to explore the ways in which we may re-imagine and re-define our spaces.
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